Business Services

An ocean breeze and all the necessary equipment and business services needed will guarantee a successful and productive business meeting. Plan ahead or on the spot; we aim to accommodate. Your time is valuable and The Breakers on the Ocean will anticipate your business needs to ensure an efficient agenda. Enjoy the view, relax and let The Breakers on the Ocean assist with all your business needs.

The following items are complimentary:
Breakers pads & pens
Screen & audio visual table
Podium & microphone
American flag
New Jersey state flag
WiFi Internet access (meeting rooms & common areas)
Hard wire high speed Internet access (guest rooms)

The following items are priced per diem:
Wireless microphone $100
Lapel microphone $150
Photocopies (per page) $0.50
Faxes (per page) $1
Flipchart & markers $35
Telephone $75
LCD projector $250
40” television with DVD $150

Advance notice required for certain pieces of audio visual equipment
Common areas:  Wireless—82.11 B.G.N
Guest rooms:  Wireless—82.11 B.G.N

Internet access is supplied by our Cablevision provider.  Interruption of service is beyond our control.

1507 Ocean Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey 07762 | 732-449-7700

1507 Ocean Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey 07762


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